Three knocks...Leonard, three knocks...Leonard, three knocks...Leonard, its time for The Big Bang Theory Trivia Night.

The Market Grille at the Harrison Hy-Vee is once again bringing another awesome themed trivia night. Previous theme trivia nights have included "The Office", "Friends",  "Game of Thrones", and "Grey's Anatomy". But this month is for the The Big Bang Theory-obsessed viewers. I imagine "what is Sheldon's profession" would be a good question.

The Big Bang Theory trivia night will take place on July 5th, and reservations are encouraged as they expect this one to fill up fast. Trivia will start at 6:30 and the first place team wins a $50 gift card!

What is the name of the famous children's science show host who Bob Newhart portrays? What does Penny give Leonard as a going away present when the guys leave for the North Pole? Who does Raj dress up as when the gang goes to Stuart's New Year's Eve costume party at the comic book store? Know the answers to these, then this is a trivia night you do not want to miss.

The Big Bang Theory is about to kick off their 12th season this fall, so you better know your stuff, I am sure there will be lots of trivia questions to choose from.