I considered myself a semi-foodie. I mean I like to eat, but certain foods are just out of my palate, but if you are a full-on foodie then you are in luck because one city in Illinois was just named one of the best for foodies.

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We all know that Chicago is one of the best cities for deep-dish pizza (not the best city for pizza, but that will always belong to NYC to me), and its unique hot dog toppings. However, with there being so many different cultures in the city it also has a variety of different restaurants to try so that's why U.S. News named Chicago #3 for being one of the best foodie cities. from the most expensive steakhouses to something in Greektown there is so much to eat in one city.

Travel west for the hummus and tzatziki in Greektown, pasta in Little Italy or tacos in the Lower West Side. Or, head south of downtown to Chinatown for Asian specialties. Authentic Indian and Pakistani fare are also available west of the North Side's Rogers Park neighborhood along West Devon Avenue. Another great way to explore Chicago's wealth of culinary options is on a food tour or one of the best Chicago walking tours.

North, South, or West you can't go wrong in any direction in Chicago if you are looking for an amazing food experience. The city is so proud of its food culture that it offers food tours and food walking tours for you to enjoy. One of the things we love doing as a family when we travel is going to all of the local cuisine available in that town. I challenge you to try something new when traveling and do your best to ignore those chain restaurants and try something different. You never know, you might like it.

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