It's been a long hot summer... which reminds me of a Keith Urban song... I can't remember which one though. The title, it's right on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't think of it. Anyway, now that this long hot summer is coming to a close, the days of open windows, swimming pools, and binge watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Netflix while waiting for The Arrow-verse to start again are almost over. But there are a few things you can do to make sure you make the most of this final day of the long hot summer. Is it Once In A Lifetime? That's a Keith Urban song.

1 - Go For a Bike Ride

Family riding bikes together

Autumn temperatures can get kinda chilly for a long, leisurely bike ride around town and to parks. Of course winter conditions can make bike rides treacherous. So why not get one last good bike ride in while you can. Before you know it, you won't be able to, and you'll wish you had. It's going to be a nice evening, so why not just ride around until you find where the blacktop ends.

2 - Enjoy A Meal in the Great Outdoors


Spring's always fun, because restaurants open up their patios, and you dust off your grill and enjoy a nice meal in the fresh open air. Autumn is the flipside of that lucky coin, everything has to go away and we all get stuffed back indoors for our meals. This is another "enjoy it while you can" things, otherwise you'll have to wait til summer comes around again next year to get that bike ride in.

3 - Join a Book Club


You or your kids had a summer reading list. And when this long, hot summer started way back in June, you swore you were going to get through most of it. You just didn't. You didn't, because you ran out of time, or got busy with other summery activities. I understand. I've got a book sitting somewhere in my car that I've been meaning to read for weeks. I bring it with me if I ever get the chance, but I just don't. Well, if you can decide to do it at the start of one season, you can decide to do it at the start of another. And the Quincy Public Library has their Big Read going on right now! You don't want to hit New Year's Resolution time and realize that's still sitting on your To-Do List.

4 - Last Minute Chores

lawn mower
Think Stock

It's the Dog Days of Summer. The Lazy Days of Summer. You chilled in your hammock after a long day of mowing the lawn and thought "I'll get to that other chore later. I've got all summer. I did stuff today. I'm good." But you wasted time and now you have to clean the garage out a bit, or patch a leak in the roof, or fix a window. Take the time to just rip off that band-aid and get it done. Of course there's cleaning and putting away all the garden tools and equipment.

5 - Finish Up the Summer List

Silhouettes of crowd at a rock concert

Maybe you did accomplish most of your summer list. You had things you wanted to do, like catch a concert, head to an amusement park, or take in a Dark River Derby Coalition bout  and you were able to get in a little bit of everything. Congrats! Except for one or two things, and now you think there's no more time. SPOILER ALERT! There's plenty of time. Sure you have to cheat a bit and spill a bit of it into fall, but go ahead and finish that list.

Most importantly just do things for you. And then you can relax knowing you ended the long hot summer on a high note, crack open a nice fall craft brew, enjoy the football game, and start working on your Halloween costume. Now if only I could remember the title of that Keith Urban song...

Is it Boys of Fall?! No, that's Kenny Chesney.

Out of the Blue? Nope, that's a KARL Urban movie...

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