Do you smell that? Here is the reason why you might be dealing with bad odors in the Show-Me State this fall...

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According to Fox 2 Now, there is a good reason behind the odors that linger in the air in the Show-Me State this fall. In the article from Fox 2 Now, they say...

"the smell is from farmers laying manure on the fields during the fall. Farmers will often wait until later in the season to lay a liquid slurry on fields. They’re looking for temperatures around 50 degrees. Anything warmer will cause the nutrients to degrade before winter hits...Theresa Crimmins, director of the USA National Phenology Network, explains that cooler temperatures and crisper air enhance our ability to detect these autumn aromas. Those include mold and decaying leaves."

The article goes on to mention how the female ginkgo trees in Missouri are also dropping their stinky seeds at this time of year, plus, there is a natural decaying smell in the air due to the leaves and plants dying in the fall, to read more about the smell in the Show-Me State, click here!

It is all about the poop, that is what I know I have been smelling over the last couple of days here in the Quincy/Hannibal area. The smell of manure that is being laid down on the fields is very distinct and I know that's what I have been smelling. Can I also say that the term "liquid slurry" makes my skin crawl...Have you noticed the smell in Missouri in the last couple of days?

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