Let's just say it was A LOT of deer... Here are the numbers on how successful deer hunting season was in the Show-Me State in 2022.

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According to fox2now.com, there were just under 300,000 deer harvested in Missouri in 2022. Here are the official numbers according to their site...

"According to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), a total of 299,721 deer were harvested. The includes: 140,736 bucks, 27,029 button bucks, 131,956 does... Franklin County hunters harvested the most deer (6,471), followed by Callaway (5,438) and Jefferson (4,966)."

279 deer short of 300,000, those numbers are just staggering. The news report also states that there were two gun-related hunting accidents that were both self-inflicted and thankfully they did not result in death. If you want more information on the hunting numbers from this past season in Missouri just click here!

I have never been deer hunting so I can't sit here and speak with a ton of knowledge on it, but I will say that it is mind-blowing to me that you can kill 300,000 deer and there still be reports that there will be changes to next years hunting season to harvest more deer. In those reports from news-leader.com, they say there are over 1.5 million deer that roam the Show-Me State so I guess harvesting 300,000 is crucial for keeping the population numbers under control. I will ask, if you are a big deer hunter, they say the most deer harvested in this past season was in Franklin County but is that the best place to deer hunt in Missouri? Or just where the most were harvested?

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