Major League Baseball's annual Home Run Derby is Monday night, July, 14 at Target Field in Minneapolis. A select few of the games most powerful hitters will again shoot for the fences in an effort to be crowned derby champion. It's the biggest single event surrounding the All-Star Game that will take place the following night.

Jeff Dorsey from our sister station, Y-101, and I are huge baseball fans. We're both Royals fans (I grew up near Kansas City as a Royals fan and Jeff used to work in KC). Jeff however is a Yankees fan first, being originally from the big apple. His Yankee fandom is close to the only thing we can't agree on when it comes to the frequent baseball talk around the office... but at least he's a home grown one and not a bandwagon rider... so I can at least respect that.

Jeff and I thought we'd take a trip to The Batting Cage in Quincy's Upper Moorman Park and do our own little home run derby. Let's just say the major leaguers don't have much to fear from either of us. It was fun anyway. Take a look...


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