Remember in The Martian when Matt Damon had to grow potatoes out of human waste in a makeshift greenhouse on Mars? And no, I'm not above referring to them as poo-tatoes. Well now, with NASA, Jeff Bezos' Amazon, Elon Musk's Tesla and Denis Muilenburg's Boeing all announcing plans to get people to the red planet in the near future, a small independent, global collective is working on how to get food to grow on a planet where nothing grows.

The Mars Farm Odyssey features companies, researchers, non-government organizations and government agencies working on a better way to feed the people going to and staying on Mars. And they're looking for help! If you think you can come up with creative and unique ways of growing food in space, you can head to their website here and sign up to join the "mission." You could help propel space food beyond Tang and freeze dried ice cream. And like with many advances accomplished through space research, this could help with growing crops in desolate conditions on Earth, like the desert.

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