Not all heroes wear capes. A Missouri man was driving down a rural highway in Gasconade County when he thought he might have seen something. After turning around, he found an elderly woman who had fallen in a snowy ditch.

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Mike Horstmann told Fox 2 St. Louis that he had been driving down the road and out of the corner of his eye thought he saw something. He said that "something told me to turn around". One woman is thankful he did. She had fallen while trying to get her mail and had laid in the ditch unable to get up for an hour. As she waved for help, no one stopped...except Mike. This is his story.

The woman was seriously hurt with a compound fracture of her arm which she was laying on. She was in too much pain for Mike to move her, so he ran and grabbed a blanket and put his coat on her to keep her warm until the ambulance could arrive.

If not for his act of heroism, it's likely this woman would not have survived for much longer. Mike told Fox 2 St. Louis that he plans to visit her once she's out of the hospital.

What made Mike stop? Were those voices something supernatural? The only thing that is certain is that Mike is an angel to this lady as he helped when no one else would take the time.

Like I said, heroes don't wear capes. They help others when they can.

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