To date, I have seen 43 films in theatres in 2017 alone. I go to the movies a lot. It's my happy place. Once you do the year-end math, I saw over half of them for free. Let me walk you through it.

The regular ticket price at the Quincy movie theatres is $5.99 for an adult ticket. Forty-three films multiplied by that ticket price comes to $257.57, but lets just round it up to an even $258. I pay a $9.95 monthly fee to MoviePass, and I can go see as many movies as I want per month, limited to one per calendar day. That comes out to, again rounded up, $120 per year. A savings of $138 on the year, or when divided by the cost of a ticket, that's 23 films. For free. Even if I'm generous, and go with the matinee price of $3.99, that comes out to $172, still coming out $52 ahead, or 13 films. Add to that my Rewards Club membership, and I've also snagged some free concessions. When I went to go see Blade Runner 2049 back in October, I got the movie ticket, a large popcorn, large drink (it was my birth month, so those were free) and a candy (rewards points), and they actually owed me 71 cents. Not really, it was just applied to my next purchase, but that's how good the deals are.

That number will only increase as there's still an entire month of films left to watch, and I'm basically playing with the house's money at this point. Hoping to finish strong with six films. It's a personal goal I have, stretching all the way back to college. If I see six more films this year, I'll close out the year at having seen an even 900 films in theatres since I started keep track back in 2003. I'm a big dork like that.

Of course on a month to month basis, these numbers don't reflect huge savings. Some months I just barely break even, depending on what movies come to our theatres, and my own personal schedule. But some I'm good to go after the first weekend, if I can time it right.

So if you're looking to save money on trips to the movie theatre, and possibly for a gift for that movie-going family member, I can't recommend MoviePass enough. Especially now that they've put out a super awesome annual plan for just $89.95. You'd have to go see two matinees per month to come out ahead. That's it.

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