With Tax Day approaching, we're hopeful that you'll be getting a refund back and aren't going to be paying even more. Either way, it's kind of a stressful time (especially if you're waiting until the absolute last minute). So what makes even the worst day better? Free food!

Thrillist put together an extensive list of Tax Day (April 17) deals on free or discounted food. And fortunately, a few of these deals are right here in the Tri-States. So no matter what's in store for your tax return, hopefully you can at least enjoy some cheap food on Tuesday.

Hardee's - Hardee's is giving away free sausage biscuits from 7:00 until 10:00 am to anyone that utters the phrase "made from scratch".

Applebee's - They're month long "Dollarita" promotion continues throughout the month.

Sonic - Sonic will be serving up half-price cheeseburgers all day long (no coupon required).

Baskin' Robbins - Download their mobile app for a couple good deals on drinks and ice cream.

So even though tax day might not be a great day for you and your family, you might be able to cheer yourself up by saving a few bucks on food!