Here is video proof that the small town of Onley, Illinois does in fact have a large number of rare ghost-white albino squirrels running around in the wild.

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If you remember a couple of months ago I first wrote about these unique albino squirrels that have a large population in a small town in Illinois called Onley, to read that story click here! In that story, I learned that basically the squirrels were bred back in the early 1900s and the population of the all-white squirrels skyrocketed from there, however, their numbers are slowly dwindling, and now the squirrels are very much protected by the city. Well at that time I couldn't find a great video of the squirrels but I finally did, this video was uploaded on YouTube this summer by a channel called wheretheheckarethealbans, and it shows the squirrels clear as day around the 5-minute mark of the video. The video goes on for a longer period of time following this family on their adventure through the small town, and they have a whole channel dedicated to their adventures with a couple of thousand followers, but if you are like me and just on the search for the squirrels it all starts at that 5-minute mark.

First off wow, these things are just so unique and special to see, I probably see a dozen different squirrels each day, constantly slamming on the breaks to avoid hitting them (especially this time of year), but to actually see them in this way is just really cool to me.

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