They are known as the "Albino Squirrels of Olney" and they are highly protect by the citizens of this small Illinois town.

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According to the small Illinois town of Olney, which has less then 10,000 people and is located a 2 and a half hour drive east of St. Louis, is home to the "White Squirrels". The website says that these albino squirrels were bred in the early 1900's and then the population just skyrocketed from there, but that has since changed and now the town of Olney is very protective of their rare white squirrels, on the website they say....

"Olney residents are so protective of their squirrels that there are laws to keep them safe - perhaps a matter of increasing importance, as the population has decreased from 1000 in 1943 to around 200 today. White squirrels have the right of way on all public streets, and if one were to be run over, a fine of $750 would result for the driver."

For some pictures of the squirrels and more information about this story click here! 

This is just the coolest and weirdest story to me... On the one hand I love that the town is very protective of these animals, and have embraced them so much that they have signs, and are like the town mascots, BUT on the other hand the idea of seeing a bunch of white squirrels running around does creep me out! I guess though if you grew up in a town seeing them regularly then it wouldn't be shocking or wild, but I guess I got to drive out there soon to see them before they get too rare!

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