In a hilarious Facebook post, a Hannibal woman takes a subtle dig at Internet keyboard warriors and shows us all the proper way to use social media to complain about about the stupidest stuff.

Posted in the “Things Happening in Hannibal, MO” group on Wednesday as a way to mock the group’s frequent (and often trivial) restaurant complaint posts, Facebook user Jeana French states how a simple error on her (perhaps fictitious??) McDonald’s order did not ruin her week.

Without calling out anyone in particular, she jokingly rants about a single pickle that made its way onto her requested pickle-free double cheeseburger.

Facebook Complaint

“I know the protocol is to throw a huge fit to the manager, cry about it on Facebook, and boycott McDonald’s,” she writes, tongue in cheek. “But I’m far too lazy for all of that, which is why I was at McDonald’s spending $3 for an entire meal in the first place.”

She even adds a “feeling accomplished” note and appropriate emoji to drive the point home.

As of this writing, the post has received more than 260 likes and positive reactions.

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