Remember that episode of Family Guy where Lois goes on vacation, and then Peter buys a boat at a police auction so he can realize his dream of being a fisherman? This is kind of like that, except not a cartoon, and no boats, and it's not just the police. The City of Hannibal is hosting an auction on April 28th for items it has deemed surplus, or unclaimed property from evidence lock-up, even some old library items, so if you've been meaning to get a couple of VHS rewinders but can't find them in 2018 because it's the future now, you're in luck.

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

A bulk of the items include some old computers, computer accessories and office furniture. The Street Department however has some snow plows, an air compressor and a salt spreader.

The police department has a quite a bit of seized evidence like jewelry, phones, tablets. The one that stood out to me was $22 in Mexican Pesos. I have a small amount of world currency, not enough to consider it a collection, but there's Canadian, Saudi Arabian and Bahranian currency in there. It would be cool to add the Pesos to the mix.

The auction is set for Saturday, April 28th at the Hannibal Street Department location on Warren Barrett Drive. Gates open at 8am, with the auction, conducted by John Yancey, will start at 10am. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

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