Some would take this as an insult. In my opinion, we should wear it as a badge of honor. I did some checking and Hannibal is still ranked as one of the most redneck cities in all of Missouri. Yee haw.

Full disclosure: this ranking was done several years ago, but it appears to still be valid. Frankly, the fact that this has been around for years and still hasn't been proven wrong makes it even more awesome. It's a ranking that Nick Johnson of Homesnacks/Roadsnacks fame did ranking the Missouri towns based on redneck things. You'll notice that Hannibal comes up around the 1 minute mark.

Nick really needs to update this. There no longer is a Golden Corral in Hannibal, but there is another all-you-can-eat buffet in its place so maybe it's fine the way it is. He ranks Hannibal as the 4th best place to get chew. I ain't arguing that fact as most of my friends have that Skoal circle canister mark in their back pocket pretty much all the time. Yes, our Walmart is still going strong, but I have yet to find a city without a Walmart. We also do love our fishing. Guilty as charged.

I did a search for most redneck Missouri cities thinking that there should be a newer list, but nope. This appears to be as good as it gets.

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There is a new ranking of most redneck states and I must say that I am highly offended that Missouri is not in the top 10 although I can't argue with Arkansas at #1.

As far as Missouri towns go, it appears that Hannibal can continue to wear its redneck tiara for now.

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