I consider us a little more sophisticated than this, but Missouri is apparently still considered one of the most redneck cities in Missouri and it's based on science. More or less.

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It's worth noting that I consider being called a redneck a compliment. I have a friend who saw a cow in a tree and we both bragged about it later. However, some people don't take kindly to redneck things. If that's you, don't get mad at me. This redneck declaration was made by Nick Johnson at Homesnacks many years ago.

Wanna know the only thing I'm ticked off about? The fact that Nick only ranks Hannibal at #9 for being a redneck Missouri city. Dang, we should be number one. Hannibal got the nod for being 4th in fishing, 5th in the state for being able to get "chew" and he really loves that Mark Twain was from here. Tom Sawyer = Redneck I guess.

Here's another amazing fact. OK, so maybe not amazing, but impressive in a redneck kind of way. Hannibal was ranked as a top redneck state way back in 2016 and we still hold the title. SALUTE.

Now, if you'll excuse me...I'm streaming Joe Dirt here and am about to the part where he meets his sister.

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