Remember Viewmasters? We all had one when we were kids, right? Here's something I stumbled across today. On eBay, there are a few sellers that actually have old Viewmaster reels of Hannibal. "Mark Twain's Home Town Hannibal Missouri" dates back to 1955.

I had no idea just how old Viewmasters were. I had one when I was little, in the mid-80s. All of my Viewmasters were of cartoon characters, and at that time they were pretty much just toys for kids, but originally they were created for all ages. According to one of the eBay sellers, Viewmasters actually date all the way back to the late 1930s, and early reels were of subjects that had broad appeal, like tourist destinations, which explains why Hannibal Viewmaster reels were available.

If you happen to have any of these and are wondering if you could sell them and retire, don't get your hopes up. As of this writing, searching eBay for "Hannibal viewmaster" results in three items for sale. The prices range from $5 - $15.

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