Jim Williams! He won $5,000.00 playing the Cash Cow on 97.9 KICK FM. Myself and Sam got the opportunity to go down to Hannibal and meet him and his lovely wife to celebrate the win. Jim and his wife have been playing the Cash Cow game with KICK FM for years as avid listeners of the station and couldn't believe it finally paid off for them big time!

When Sam and I broke the news to Jim over the phone he was ecstatic letting out a big "WHOOO!" When Sam asked him what he was going to do with his winnings Jim said without hesitation "Give it to my wife, she pays the bills!" We couldn't think of a better response ourselves.

Jim is just the latest and greatest example of what makes this job so much fun for me. Getting the opportunity to meet him and his wife, who love listening to our morning show and station, and giving them a prize like this is just fantastic!

Hopefully you will be the next winner of one of our grand prizes! Make sure you listen to "Mornings w/Mark & Sam" weekdays from 6 am to 10 am on 97.9 KICK FM, and as always follow me on Twitter @MarkHespen and Instagram @MarkHespen

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