Actor and noted performance artist Shia LaBeouf (Even Stevens, Transformers) is hitch-hiking his way across the United States, because he's probably never watched '70s era horror films. For one month, LaBeouf will be hitchhiking his way around the country via the website "Take Me Anywhere." He'll be posting his geographic coordinates to social media, and if you find yourself near him, you can pick him up and take him anywhere.

He started in Denver three days ago, and has so far made his way to western Nebreska. According to his last check-in, he's heading east down Interstate 80. Now that goes through Iowa, just a few hours north of us here in the Quincy/Hannibal area.

So I ask you... if you know anyone in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, Missouri or Illinois who will be traveling from his general location to this general direction... see if they'll pick up Shia LaBeouf, and give him a ride towards us. I want him to hitch a ride right to the KICK studios, and interview him. Just to find out what makes him tick. The project ends on June 23rd, so we have 27 to get him in for a sit down!