"Just Google it!" It's a common phrase used by everyone I'm sure. I use Google everyday, as I'm sure you do too. But did you ever wonder what each state is Googling the most in terms of shopping. It might surprise you.

Thrillist.com researched each state to find out what items each state is seeking out on the popular search engine..

In Illinois, the most Googled item is an electric wine bottle opener. The people of Illinois have spoken and they want their wine and they want it fast! I need one of these since I can never open my wine bottle and this would be an awesome tool to have in the kitchen. Mother's Day is around the corner (HINT HINT).

In Missouri, the most Googled item are gun racks. There must be some major hunters in Missouri (I'm not a gun person, so I wouldn't know). I can only assume there are a ton of gun racks hanging in Missouri homes.

Some other ones that I thought were pretty funny are: Alabama's search for adult diapers (no comment), Kentucky and their obsession with syringes (again no comment), and New York with their fur coats.

To see the full list of items, CLICK HERE.

Happy Googling! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find the best price on an electric wine bottle opener!