Tangerine Bowl has been closed since the stay-at-home shelter order was announced back in march. However, starting Friday as Illinois moves into Phase Four bowling is back and so is free bowling for kids.

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The Kids Bowl Free Summer Program allows your kids to get two free games of bowling every day all summer long. If you are interested in signing your kids up, by logging onto kidsbowlfree.com.

Tangerine Bowl would like to ensure all parents that they will be taking all the safety precautions to keep everyone safe while bowling this summer. They will be sanitizing, bowling balls after every use to keep everyone safe.

To sign up, just fill out the registration form, download the weekly passes, and have at it! The free summer bowling program allows bowling centers all across the country to offer a fun, safe environment for kids in the summers. Kids will get two free games of bowling each day starting Friday June 26, through August 31.

Tangerine Bowl has been a part of this program for a few years now and I always sign my girls up for it. It gets them out of the house and around kids their own age. And I must say, they're getting pretty good at the sport. I might have to sign them up for a kid’s league. For more information about the free summer bowling program, visit kidsbowlfree.com.

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