I have to admit I've never been on a floating/tubing trip. I've always wondered what they would be like. After looking at these amazing places I might have to add a tubing adventure to my vacation bucket list.

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Missouri is a great place to go to a ball game, a concert, or eat some really good BBQ, but the Show-Me State also has excellent and beautiful places to take a float trip. Only in Your State ranked the best of the best when it comes to planning a float/tubing trip.

Plan a Float Trip Here:

All these places rank pretty high for being the best for outdoor fun, especially tubing and float trips. I'm not the biggest outdoor person (bugs and creepy crawlers and all) but I would put all of that aside to try one of these places just once. As long as I'm in a cabin, with indoor plumbing and a nice comfy bed.

One of the places that I think might be a bit much for me is the 44-mile creek known as Beaver Creek. That might be pushing my limit for rowing and floating, maybe something a little less intimidating is what I need for my first float trip experience.

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