I'll go ahead and start with a disclaimer: None of these houses are actually haunted. At all. Not to my knowledge, anyway. Just not haunted. But it is Halloween. I like this sort of thing. And we've got old houses in town that were a movie producer making a haunting movie to call me up and say "We need a house for our horror movie, what have you got in Quincy?" I'd point them to these five houses.

Again: None of these houses are actually haunted.


The last one DEFINITELY is.

Bonus! All these houses are for sale, so you could live in one of these definitely NOT haunted houses. *wink*

1627 Maine St.

1627 Maine
Owner via Zillow

Witches absolutely lived here back in the day, so expect some hexes and curses on the property. That library in the front room? TOTALLY held all their spell books. Big open kitchen? Bubble bubble toil and trouble! That "conservatory"? More like coven... atory. I don't know what the word would be there. But Coven meetings happened there.

2110 Grove Ave.

2110 Grove St
Happel Realtors via Zillow

Don't let the windows fool you, vampires made this Tudor their home. The windows were to let in the moonlight. Throw some big, thick, blackout curtains up for the daytime and you're all set. Besides, they're north facing, so it's not like they're catching the rising or setting sun anyway. Enough daylight to brighten up the room, but nothing direct.

1469 Maine St.

1469 Maine
Century 21 Broughton Team via Zillow

We've got a Casper the Friendly Ghost situation in this 140 year old home, but without the boorish uncles. He's just a lonely ghost who wants people to spend time with. And I don't blame the him. Three bedrooms, and all that living area? It definitely gets lonely there.

The Meriam Mansion at 601 Spring

Bower & Associates via Realtor.com
Bower & Associates via Realtor.com

This was a funeral home for over 40 years. It's literally not possible for it to be not haunted. Like... the entire 13 year run of Supernatural takes place in this house at this point. Ghosts, demons, witches, werewolves, jinns, vampires, rougarous, wendigos... all of it. UPDATE: This is off the market now, someone purchased it. They've got a GoFundMe set up for renovations. You can follow along with his progress on the FB page.

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