Still looking for that perfect gift? These Quincy-area Etsy shops might have just what you're looking for.

In searching for the perfect gift for a family member, I stumbled onto Etsy and found not only what I was looking for. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the product was from right here in Quincy! I did a little more shopping (obviously) and thought I would share some of my favorite local Etsy Shops that I found.


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    I saw this shop and was pretty impressed. The owner of CopperImages can take a photo and turn it into an etching masterpiece. This would be a great gift to give especially as a remembrance of someone who passed.

    CopperImages via Etsy
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    Glitter Bomb Bowtique

    With two daughters, I am always trying to find bows for hair. I found Glitter Bomb Bowtique with several different designs and colors and shapes of bow. This is a MUST STOP SHOP for little girls who love bows in their hair. These bows are perfect for the cheerleader in the family.

    Glitter Bomb Bowtique via Etsy
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    Engel Custom Decor

    Do you know a couple that got married this year, had a baby, or maybe someone that retired? Engel Custom Decor will make a milestone moment memorable with special ornaments, key chains, and other personalized items to make their big moment in 2017 last forever.

    Engel Custom Decor
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    Carson Design

    Have a million t-shirts that you're never going to wear but you can't part with? Check out Carson Design where the owner takes old t-shirts and creates a beautiful quilt. Perfect for the high school senior who will be leaving for college soon.

    Carson Design via Etsy
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    Lucky You Gliders

    If you have a little one to buy for this Christmas, Lucky You Gliders is a must. These gliders are handmade and you can choose color and several different animal options. Perfect for the toddler in your life and this will definitely keep them busy for hours.

    Lucky You Gliders via Etsy