It's National Rum Day! It's a very important holiday to my people. My people being pirates. I don't know if I have a pirate way back in my lineage. But I'm kinda hoping I do. I'm a rum drinker. My dad was a rum drinker. His dad was a rum drinker. I'm sure if I were to send my DNA to 23andMe, my ancestry results would come back "50% Scottish, 40% Irish, 10% Rum."

In honor of National Rum Day, here are some tunes to spin as you sip on the nectar of the gods. And in case you're wondering, my personal favorite is Sailor Jerry.

1- Rum by The Brothers Osborne

"Let's put our hearts together
Two parts love and a pinch of good weather
And top it all off with the sun
And mix it with rum, mmm, mmm, mm, mm"

2- Pirate Flag by Kenny Chesney

"Well my friends back home think I've gone and lost my mind
Take a sip of rum and you really would know why
Jolly Roger flying on the picnic table
Blender in the kitchen, willin' and able"

3 - Castaway by Zac Brown Band

"Pour me another one
Make it a strong one
We're gonna have some fun tonight
Just like the other one
Make it a double rum
We're gonna castaway tonight"

4 - Rum Is The Reason by Toby Keith

"I ain’t getting much done but I’m having fun sailing on the deep blue sea
My whole body goes numb from a bottle of dark rum and the sun sinking down on me
My catch of the day is a tall Cuba Libra chased down with a 12 oz curl
Yeah, rum is the reason I guess...
Hey, rum is the reason pirates never ruled the world"

5 - Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes by Jimmy Buffett

"I didn't ponder the question too long;
I was hungry and went out for a bite.
Ran into a chum with a bottle of rum,
and we wound up drinkin' all night."

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