Me and the rest of the sales staff are taking a day out for "training" later this month, so I have marked that day on my calendar "Field Trip."

That phrase always gets me thinking. Not about The Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium, or the Museum of Science and Industry (destinations of several field trips made during my formative years in grade school). I am not even thinking about the bus ride or some of the songs we sung on the trip, some of which cannot be written about here. No...I am thinking about lunch.

The typical field trip lunch was a bologna sandwich with ketchup.

To flood memories, add ketchup!

Yes - bologna with ketchup. The story was that mayonnaise would spoil on the hot bus, so ketchup was the condiment of choice.

You also had to wrap your can of Pepsi with a paper towel. It took me years to finally get this - the paper towel does not help keep the can cold, but it keeps the sweat from the can from making a hole in your bag (did everyone put their name on their bag?).

I could make a bologna and ketchup sandwich right now, and it would take me back 35 years, back on the bus singing songs that I cannot write about in this blog.

Good times, good times...

Where did you go on field trips when you were younger? What were some of the songs you sang on the bus? (Keep this clean - this is a family oriented blog!)