Exciting news crossed my Facebook feed late yesterday, just before I settled in to watch last night's Game of Thrones season finale. Edgewood Orchards has updated their hours for the season and is now open!

They opened on Saturday with Gala Apples and pears, according to their Facebook page, and open full-time with regular hours starting today, August 28th. Throughout the season, they'll have ciders, jams, candies and pies. They'll be open 9am-5pm Monday through Saturday, opening at 11am on Sundays (still closing at five).

I think between this and the Halloween store opening up, we can officially declare summer to be over, and fall has begun. Apple is the best autumn flavor, hashtag suck it, pumpkin spice. I know Pumpkin Spice gets the all the press and hashtags, but let's face it, apple is better. Apple pie vs Pumpkin pie? Apple! Apple jam vs Pumpkin jam (it might be a thing)? Apple! Apple cider vs Pumpkin... cider (is that a thing)? SEE?! No one says "a pumpkin a day will keep the doctor away." A pumpkin didn't help Isaac Newton figure out what gravity is. A pumpkin would have killed Newton. And then we wouldn't have physics. Though I failed physics in high school, so I'm a little torn on that.

For a full list of products at Edgewood Orchards, including pumpkin and other gourds, head to their website.

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