So this is... weird. To put it mildly. Last year Domino's launched a Wedding Registry, because nothing says Wedding like The Noid. Earlier this year, they launched delivery "hot spots" so rather than saying "Deliver to my house at this specific address," you could just say, "Yeah, I'm in the park, come hang with some pizza!" Now they've partnered with Gugu Guru to offer up a Domino's branded baby registry.

Gugu Guru

Hormonal & Hangry aka The Sam Special

And at first, it's weird. You see "Domino's Baby Registry" and just want to comment with a "WTF?!" GIF. But the more you think about, the more it actually kinda makes sense. Ben, our Digital Manager, is expecting twins this summer. Well... his wife is doing most of the expecting. What with the whole "being pregnant" part. Ben's just anxiously awaiting. But they've got registries set up to get all the normal baby stuff. Strollers, diapers, toys, clothes, high chairs, monitors. All times two because that's how twins work. So that's all the normal registry stuff. That's fine. That makes sense.

BUT! What about those first few weeks of craziness? It only lasts a few weeks. Everyone knows babies are chill by month two. That's just a fact. But there's that tiredness and craziness of being brand new parents. They will have many sleepless nights, probably. And probably some days where they skip meals because they're just too tired or busy to make food. That's where this is actually a pretty solid idea. You as an expectant parent can sign up for a bunch of Domino's gift cards, so you when you're at that point where you just want a pizza delivered and not have to worry about anything. They even have fun clothes and accessories:

Gugu Guru

That's actually super adorable, and I want to buy it for Ben & Family.

So if you're expecting, this may not be a bad registry to sign up for. After you sign up for the ones that get you strollers and bibs.