Let me set up the scene for you. You worked all day, the kids are having an off day, and you're exhausted. You call in a take out order from a restaurant, swing by on your way home, and pick it up. Now when you sign the receipt, it gives you an option to leave a tip. Do you?

I've worked in the food industry pretty much all through high school, college, and even here in Quincy right up until a few years ago. So I've seen people go about this differently. Many will tip the hostess stand and many others will not.

I mean, I will tip when dining at the restaurant or having someone deliver to my house or whatever. But to tip for someone for grabbing my food and handing it to me? I usually don't. I know that servers don't always get to keep 100 percent of their tips. Some restaurants will make them give a cut to bartenders, bussers, and the hostess stand. But how does it work if you tip the hostess stand? Do they get to keep 100 percent of tips? Doesn't quite seem fair, but I suppose that's how some places operate.

So what do you think? Should you tip on a carry out order?

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