We all know Disneyworld and Disneyland and who created the magic that is Disney, but did you know that there is a museum close to the Tri-States where you can see where it all started?

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I've driven by Marceline, Missouri more times than I can count. It's the way I used to go back and forth for college, and the road I take when I go to Kansas City. In the small town of Marceline, you will find the Walt Disney Museum which celebrated the childhood of the man who created the magical world.

The museum was established in 2001 in honor of Walt's 100th birthday, and in the museum, you will find stories about Disney's family and how they ended up from Chicago to a small town in Missouri.

The Collectors Gallery gives fans a peek into all things Disney such as collections and other items that have been donated by the Disney family. In the Upper Gallery, you can pose for a picture on Walt’s back porch, draw your favorite Disney character, or walk through a miniature Disneyland. There's even a proposed "park" blueprint that he wanted to build in Marceline that you can view.

Learn about the Dreaming Tree, where Walt would sit for hours drawing cartoons and dreaming up his mouse and other characters. The tree no longer is there but there is a monument telling the story of the Dreaming Tree. There is really a lot to see in this small, but the historic museum, and the best part, it's really not that far from the Tri-States.

There are several Disney attractions to visit while in marceline too. There's the Disney Farm, The Walk Disney United States Post Office, the Walk Disney Elementary School, and more. The museum is currently closed right now, but we will reopen on March 1.

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