Getting behind the wheel, even going to the store, is getting increasingly dangerous. A new ranking of the deadliest highways has one Illinois Interstate among the worst.

Road trip season is here and many of us will be hitting the highways and interstates, but a new ranking claims these are the top deadliest in the nation. Ranked #15 Interstate-21 which starts in Illinois and goes through Tennessee is among the most fatal.

According to Love Exploring the 317-mile interstate is a popular highway traveling straight through Music City (Nashville).

Highlighted as the country’s 15th most deadly road, it recorded 167 road traffic deaths over its 317-mile route, which is an average of 0.527 deaths per mile.


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I've been traveling a lot this past year and have noticed how drivers are increasingly distracted. Whether on their phones, changing the music channel, or having a heated conversation, drivers pay more attention in the car than around them.

The Most Dangerous Highway in America

Interstate 4 in Florida is the most dangerous in America. The highway joins Tampa with Daytona Beach. With the increase of tourists in the area, it's no surprise that Florida tops the list.

We are lucky here in the Midwest. Interstate 24 is the only interstate that is among the deadliest in the nation.

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Stacker used the Federal Highway Administration's 2020 Highway Statistics report to rank states by the fatalities per billion miles traveled. 

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