Summer is here and that means we are all going to be driving A LOT. There's good news for Missouri residents that might help with traveling this summer.

A new ranking shows Missouri in the top 10 of states for having the least expensive gas prices. As someone who fills up a ton, this is good news for me. Yes, I live in Illinois, but I'm not the only one that travels across the river to get fuel.

On average, Missouri fuel costs motorists $3.178 per gallon. Now there are places where you can get cheaper than that, but the average cost of fuel per gallon is just over $3. According to the AAA calculator, Mississippi is the state that has the cheapest in the nation, followed by Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Missouri ranks 8th on the list.

Most Expensive State for Gas Prices

That honor belongs to California, no surprise there. However, the Land of Lincoln is on the list at #7. We are lucky here in the Tri-States to have easy access to Missouri and taking advantage of that as much as we can.

More and more people are driving to their vacation spots to avoid airports and long delays, so here's hoping that prices keep going down so we can get out and enjoy a nice long drive without hurting our checking accounts.

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