There are some creepy urban legends in Illinois, but Quincy has one called "The Levee Walker."

First, let me say that as much as I believe in a lot of supernatural stuff, Urban Legends are the one thing I have a hard time believing. Urban legends remind me of the telephone game; they start off true (or at best, believable), and throughout the years, the story seems to change and get more "made-up." One of Quincy's most famous urban legends is that of the "Levee Walker.".

The tale takes place when the levee was first being constructed and a husband found out one of his co-workers was having an affair with his wife. So depending on who you talk to, either the body of the husband or the body of the co-worker is buried under the levee. The story goes on to say that if you find yourself walking the levee at night, you might see a ball of light which is supposedly the man trying to have you help him put his body to rest.

The urban legend is pretty well known in the Quincy area, even the podcast Wild Quincy covered the subject.

Other Urban Legends that made the list from Only in Your State The Ghost at the English Building at the University of Illinois, Ghost Lady at Kennedy Hill Road, The Cherry Hill Road Accident near Oswego, and Homey the Clown. I am sure that are hundreds more throughout the state but it is pretty cool that Quincy's infamous story made the list.

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