Is the answer to putting Quincy back on the map, and generating massive revenue as simple as needing a major streaming service to help us?

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When I moved to Quincy in the spring of 2019 one of the things that had this town buzzing was the fact that Queer Eye and Quincy's own Jonathan Van Ness had just filmed an episode for the hit Netflix show, and everyone was awaiting the debut on the streaming giant. Once that episode came out, it helped put Quincy and the local businesses and High School into the minds of millions of viewers across the world. So as we sit here in 2021 the Gem City has this plan to try and attract more people, but the biggest question remains "how do we do that?" and maybe it's as simple as attracting one of the streaming giants to come back.

No one outside of the state of Wisconsin has heard of Manitowoc, Wisconsin before the hit Netflix documentary Making a Murderer, that 2 season series has put that town on the map, an article from the New York Post talks about the travelers and tourism that series brought to the rural town. NOW OBVIOUSLY Quincy doesn't necessarily want to gain fame from some sort of horrific crime or murderer, but the idea remains the same, streaming services are making not only unknown actors famous BUT they are making towns and areas famous too.

So then if we want to avoid being famous for a murder show, I ask you all what could be great content for one of these streaming services to come here and film? I haven't lived here long enough to know that answer but maybe you do, comment and let us know what could Netflix or one of these streaming giants make a series out of here in Quincy?

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