One of the nice things about being a radio guy (other than the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet we keep in the back of the station lounge) is getting to see great live country shows and meet the stars behind the music.  One of the best concerts I remember in the Hannibal/Quincy area happened at the Oakley Lindsey Center in 1996.  It was John Berry with Paul Brandt opening the show.


There were several cool things I remember about that show that happened behind the scenes you probably don't know (and probably don't care) about.  First of all, John Berry was a Georgia guy and a big (literally) Atlanta Braves fan.  I am a diehard Cardinal fan and it just so happened that the night of the John Berry/Paul Brandt concert was also game seven of the National League Championship Series between the Braves and Cards.  I had an off-air bet with John Berry before he came to town that my Cardinals would win the series.  As history proved, the Braves clobbered my team that night and John Berry was more than happy to give me a hard time from the stage asking "Hey, what was that score again?".  I deserved that one.

One more thing that sticks out in my mind about that concert was what a nice guy Paul Brandt was.  As luck would have it, the concert happened the same week that Paul's song "I Do" hit number one on the charts.  So, you'd think that this new guy who has a number one hit would be a prima donna.  It turned out to be the total opposite.  KICK-FM had given out meet and greet passes prior to the concert and I'll never forget Paul Brandt (behind close doors where no one could see him) peeking out of one of the side doors at the Oakley Lindsey and seeing all the people lined up hoping to meet him.  The agreement with the promoter and Paul's management were only for a select few people getting backstage.  I witnessed first hand that Paul's record rep at the time told him that he only needed to speak to the handful that had won meet and greets.  Paul said (paraphrasing cause my memory isn't that good) "No way, these are the people that made me number one!  I'm gonna go meet them!"  Then, he proceeded to walk through the door and start shaking hands and signing autographs for....EVERYONE.

One final memory about that show...John Berry had a real nice bus.  But, what he pulled behind it as even nicer.  He had (if I remember correctly) a Harley (or some sweet motorcycle) that he would ride around in the towns he went to before his shows.  Doesn't it figure that (as a guy) I would remember the motorcycle?!?

If you were at that show, feel free to share your memories below!  We'd love to hear em!

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