As if to give the middle finger to the lone remaining Blockbuster Video in Bend, Oregon, Family Video's almost 700 locations will be celebrating their 40th year this weekend. And you can celebrate with them!

Way way back in 1978, in Springfield, Illinois, no less, the Video Movie Club was formed by appliance shop owner Charles Hoogland. When Blockbuster Video rose to power in the mid-80s, the VMC morphed into Family Video, and has survived to this day by sticking to rural areas, small towns and suburbs. Over the years, they've diversified their interests, adding Marco's Pizza and StayFit 24/7 to their portfolio, but the video store still remains their bread and butter.

All day Saturday, October 20th, you can head to the local Family Video at 20th and Broadway for amazing deals, like 40 cent rentals. Considering how much I go to the video store, that's some significant savings. They'll have cake to celebrate, and some other activities going on.

While generally, I do go a lot, it has been a spell since I last visited, so I may need to stock up for the weekend. They have an amazing selection of horror movies.

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