In Iron Man, when Tony Stark is finally rescued and gets back to America, he demands, above all else, an American cheeseburger. There was an entire episode of How I Met Your Mother devoted to Marshall trying to find the best burger in New York City. A "tasty burger" is the catalyst for one of the greatest scenes in Pulp Fiction, one of the greatest films of the 90s. And of course there's Good Burger.

There's just something about a cheeseburger. It's comfort food defined. I've taken part in two BIG burger challenges, during my Man vs Food phase. One was a 3lb burger, the other was 4lb burger with a pound of fries. I successfully conquered both of them.

You can do so much with a burger, too. I love making Hawaiian burgers, dice a fresh jalapeño into the meat, marinade it in teriyaki sauce, then grill with a slice of pineapple. Or my own personal recipe for making a burger at home is mixing diced onions and green peppers into the ground beef, with some blue cheese crumbles.

A burger is perfect for on the go or a full sit down meal. It's versatile. You can play around with sauces and toppings to get it just the way you like. It really is the best food. Convenience stores, fast food joints, pub & grills, casual sit-down restaurants all offer their own unique take, their own stamp, so even though you're eating essentially the same basic thing, it's a world of difference from source to source. That's why you just can't beat a good burger.