How I Met Your Mother

The Worst TV Finales of All Time (Spoiler Alert)
As you might know I am a TV junkie, and look forward to each night of chilling on the couch with my DVR. With some shows ending, The Vampire Diaries, Bones, that got me thinking which series finales are, according to me, the worst endings? Here's my list.
What's the Most Popular TV Show in Our State?
What is everyone watching on TV? Are you catching new stuff on TV as it airs? Are you binging old favorites on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu? Or maybe a little of both?
The aptly titled "" decided to figure out what was the most popular show in each state (link goes to fu…
Can't Beat a good burger!
In Iron Man, when Tony Stark is finally rescued and gets back to America, he demands, above all else, an American cheeseburger. There was an entire episode of How I Met Your Mother devoted to Marshall trying to find the best burger in New York City...