The Maps app on my iPhone has made it impossible for me to NOT want to buy this small ghost town in Missouri...

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This all started for me last year when I got my new truck, it is the first vehicle I have owned that had a touch screen with smart phone connectivity. Every time I would connect my iPhone with the "car play" app on my truck and bring up the maps from my iPhone the picture above it what I'd see. As you can see it is showing me and where I am located in Quincy, IL (currently at work at the 97.9 KICK-FM station) but then it was also showing a town called "Mark" across the river in Missouri. Obviously this sticks out to me because my name is Mark, and but in my 2 and a half years of living in the Tri-States, NO ONE has ever mentioned the town of Mark, Missouri to me.

So I did a quick Google, and I discovered a Wikipedia page for Mark, Missouri and all it says is...

"Mark is a ghost town in Marion County, in the U.S. state of Missouri...A post office called Mark was established in 1914, and remained in operation until 1927. The community had the name of Clayton Mark, an investor in the site. Variant names were "Dunsford" and "Moody"."

So now I need to know...Is Mark, Missouri available for purchase? Can I buy a ghost town that has my name? If so I want to buy it. I would build myself my own house and a little general store, and put up a stop sign, and live as the only resident. Mark Hespen sole resident of Mark, Missouri. Got a nice ring to it! Does anyone know more about this little old ghost town that keeps showing up on my GPS?

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