It was a vital little Missouri town in the mid-1850's. But, what started out as a mining city eventually became a mere ghost of what it was as explorers show what remains of Moselle, Missouri.

One of the YouTube channels that specializes in investigating abandoned places shared this tidbit about the history of Moselle, Missouri:

Moselle Missouri was founded in 1849 due too nearby Ore Deposits. As activity ceased with Iron operations the only residents too stay were farmers. When the town's bridge to it's church St. Mary's collapsed it marked a slow decline. Today Moselle Missouri only has about 10 residents

Here's what they discovered within it's vacant streets.

As they mentioned, Moselle is located about an hour southwest of St. Louis, Missouri. The post office has been gone for over 50 years while some of the buildings remain. Horse and buggy was the means of transportation back when Moselle was fully occupied.

The Wikipedia page for Moselle, Missouri confirms what he mentioned in the video about the post office closing in 1971. The Iron Stack in Moselle is on the National Register of Historic Places though. The furnace was closed in June of 1875.

Why do the 10 residents remain in Moselle, Missouri? Is it due to family history in the area or no place to go or both? Good luck finding any of them as there are more broken bridges and buildings in this town now than there are people.

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