So, we get our fair share of Facebook correspondence here, and the vast majority of it is very kind. We like these messages! Keep sending them!

But every so often, we get a messages that leave us scratching our collective heads in utter confusion.

Case in point, our most recent seven messages. I have no idea what the hell we’re talking about.


Winds of guidance? Dr. Who? Selena Moreno? Texans, Seattle Seahawks, Houston Rockets, Seattle Supersonics (they’re not even a team anymore, are they?)?

David? WHO IS DAVID!!??

“Licker Systems Incorporated” sounds like something I definitely shouldn’t be Googling at work.

JBL or KBL and your family. Is that a question? Because no offense to JBL or KBL, but I pick my family. And it’s not even close.

“I am not sure how long it will be notified that disclosing copying distributing,” she writes. I too am unsure of how long whatever it is you just said is…or was…or will be.

Anyway, can ANYONE make any sense of this??