Fun fact: I have a certificate in bartending. During my time away from radio, I went to bartending school to keep myself afloat. But to this day, I still can't pair a wine with a meat, let alone a beer. I know red wines go with red meats, like beef and pork, while white wines go with fish and poultry. But then you get into the subtle nuances of wines and the seasonings or dishes and that's where it all goes to hell for me. And beer? I can only assume it's porters, stouts and the like for red meat, ales, lagers and what not for fish and poultry... maybe? I don't know. I do know that strawberry wine goes with first loves.

It's all about finding the tastes and flavors that complement each other, and that's where both the Butcher Block and Wine on Broadway are stepping in. Next Tuesday, July 24th, at 6pm, The Butcher Block is offering a cooking glass, with a focus on grilling so Sam can finally learn the difference between that and barbecue, and then Wine On Broadway will be on hand to help you pair the dishes with the appropriate wine and beer.

It's $30 for the class, food and drink included it seems like. You can give them a call at 217-222-6248 to reserve your spot. I'm sure my girlfriend would appreciate me learning what wines go with what foods.

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