There's so many things to do during the summer that's hard to find time to do it all. So you have to prioritize what you're going to do. Are you going to this fair or that festival? That concert in Springfield or the one in St Louis? Do I hit mini-golf or the batting cages? WHAT DO I DO?! I blame winter. If it wasn't so terrible and miserable in the winter, they wouldn't have to cram all the fun stuff into the summer. So I've put together my own personal Summer Bucket List full of things I want to do before the season kicks the bucket. It's a good guideline, a blueprint if you will, for your own Summer Bucket List.

1 - This Bucket

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2 - A Harlem Globetrotters Game

Because Guard Buckets Blakes is the man, and a super nice guy. I interviewed him a few years back.

3 - This Bucket

Mostly for that awesome bucket. But the beverages are probably delicious and refreshing.


4 - Watch Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

No, not that Tim Burton/Johnny Depp abomination of a remake. I'm talking Gene Wilder in all his child murdering, hand-my-global-confectionary-empire-over-to-a-kid-I-met-6-hours-ago glory. That kid? Charlie Bucket.

5 - Find an old Mr. Bucket Toy and Play With It

It's buckets of fun

6 - This Bucket

Angela Weiss

7 - Ice Bucket Challenge Part 2

The original Ice Bucket Challenge swept the nation in a campaign for awareness and donations for ALS. Last year it was announced that real, actual medical breakthroughs were made in ALS research because of that surge in donations. Let's do it again.

8 - This Bucket

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9 - Eat a Bucket of Chicken

Or... well, see, I'm not really a big fried chicken fan, so could I just get like a bucket of tacos? I'm all about tacos.

10 - This Bucket

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