It's been two weeks since Brodie & Sam embarked on the Fit Start Challenge at the YMCA, all in an effort to better themselves heading into 2018. During our first year as partners in crime, we ate a lot of garbage foods for lunch and snacking, and that just hasn't been good for either of us. So we decided it was time to develop good, healthy, productive habits. We've been going to the gym as often as we could, and adjusting our diets to not be so reliant on junk foods. And for the most part... we've been OK at it. We could be better. We could be worse.

The biggest obstacle for both of us is finding the time. We're just busy people. She even more so with the family. But it's tough. We just have to start making sure we take time for ourselves as a team to get to the gym and work out and keep each other accountable. And we need to slap bad eating habits out of each others hands.

But I lost a few pounds, while Sam maintained. I call that a win for both of us. Neither of us gained any weight, so we're good. We'll just have to make sure we hit the gym harder.

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