January 3rd. Two days into everyone's "Get fit, get healthy, eat better, go to gym" all encompassing New Year's Resolution. You made it, I made, Sam made it. We all made it. And the YMCA is helping people along with it with their annual Fit Start Challenge. Sam and I have signed up as a team to kick start our get fit journeys in 2018.

Now, Sam doesn't want her starting weight publicized, and I fully respect that. It's her decision, and it's her information to share, or to not share. But her goal is to get closer to her pre-baby weight. Me? I'm a large human, weighing in at 317lbs., a significant portion of that is fat. I won't even try to blame genetics or my frame or anything, though I am 6'2" and of Northern European descent, we're a large people... but I'm also lazy and eat garbage, so the weight thing is on me.

The Fit Start Challenge runs through the end of February, and we'll be weighing in every two weeks. And that's just weigh ins. We'll also be doing various exercise routines, attending fitness classes, and adjusting our diets all in an effort to lose weight and get fit. To keep us motivated, we've printed off pictures of Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist, Green Arrow and Supergirl, respectively, to keep us motivated and on goal.

Hopefully by March, I'll be rocking the Salmon Ladder, and Sam will be flying around town and shooting lasers out of her eyes (I have the toughest goal, I think).

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