I love the YMCA. They have so many great perks just for being a member, to make no mention of the great facilities. And I'm fortunate enough to not be on the road and traveling a lot. I get to stay right here in Quincy. But in my long working career, some of that time was spent working as a front desk clerk at some hotels, and guests were always looking for a gym to work out in. Now we had SOME exercise equipment tucked away in a room somewhere, but nothing you would call a gym. Some chains offer day passes or national memberships. The YMCA is one that has both. And now the Quincy YMCA has Nationwide Membership.

If you're traveling around the country for an extended period of time, and just gotta hit the elliptical machine, or pump some iron, your membership to the Quincy YMCA now comes with All Inclusive perk. For no extra fee, you can go work out at the Boise, Idaho YMCA at 1050 W. State Street. Or maybe you're down in Shreveport, Louisiana and need to hit up their YMCA at 3455 Knight Street. You're covered. You're good to swim some laps.

Over 2,000 YMCAs participate in the Nationwide Membership program, so no matter where you are, you're likely within earshot of a YMCA you can visit. And if you've got family visiting from out of town who are members of their local YMCA, they can use this one at no extra fee, either. The Hannibal YMCA has it, too, so even if you're just staying in the area, but find yourself across the river for longer than you thought, might as well hit the gym.

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