The internet has been all abuzz over the mammoth Disney buyout of 20th Century Fox that was finalized this morning. In short, Disney takes owner ship of Fox's entertainment properties and production houses, while Fox parent company NewsCorp retains News, Sports and Broadcast channels. The ramifications of this deal are massive, and go far beyond JUST The X-Men joining the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

An entire studio is gone to the more family friendly Disney. That sort of conglomeration... I don't know if it'll be good for movie/TV production. Who knows? Maybe Disney will have a separate banner that will allow them to keep producing riskier, more mature entertainment, like when the owned Miramax and Dimension in the 90s and 00s. Many are thinking specifically of Deadpool, which Disney CEO Bob Iger has assured will remain Rated-R but looking at some big 20th Century Fox films over the past few decades like Die Hard, The Martian, Fight Club, Baby's Day Out, Moulin Rouge, Alien, Titanic, Avatar, and Taken. What's going to happen there? Here's hoping there's a separate banner.

To make no mention of Disney's stand-alone streaming service before this deal? Good competition for Netflix. AFTER this deal? Could very well be a Netflix killer. But all that wades into the incredibly murky territory of production rights vs distribution rights. And how will all of this affect Hulu, which they now have a majority stake in?


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