Oh what could have been for St. Louis... Apparently Disney almost built a theme park there many years ago, it's surprising but true!

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I was on Facebook today and I saw a friend posting about this internet rumor that Disney World was supposed to be built in St. Louis, I thought that was absolutely outrageous and no way could it be true. BUT all it took was a simple Google search to find out that it kinda is true...

According to the orlandosentinel.com NOT Disney World BUT a Disney Park was scheduled to be built in St. Louis many many years ago, after the successful opening of Disneyland in Los Angeles, and before ground broke on Disney World in Orlando. In the article they say...

"...a half-century ago when Disney drew up plans for an indoor theme park in downtown St. Louis before giving up in a dispute over money and turning attention to Florida. St. Louis' loss was the Orlando area's gain: Walt Disney World became one the world's top tourist attractions."

The blue prints were even drawn out apparently during the early 1960's, and the article goes on to speculate what could have been for St. Louis. To check out the full article click here! 

CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?! St. Louis would be one of the top travel destinations in the world, it would be just as important as a city like Chicago, maybe even more important. The airport would be international and massive, their would be an NFL team still there for sure, and the Tri-State area would benefit greatly as well off the travel and tourism that would come through the area on the way to St. Louis Disney. Just goes to show you that arguing over something that seems important in the moment can be detrimental to your long term success and growth.

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