I set out to write about all the things that could and should come in advent calendar form. But in my research I found that most of the best things already do. Chocolates, wine, cheese, beer, liquor, even jerky all have their advent calendars. Like... what's left? Tacos don't really work, either your Christmas Eve taco goes bad before you get to it, or the calendar is emptied by noon on December first. I've seen coffee, tea, even make-up! What's left?! WHAT I ASKS YA?!

Then it hit me. And by "hit me," I mean a brainstorming session with my girlfriend. Anyway... a subscription advent calendar.

Think about. Everything is subscription based these days. Netflix. Loot Crates. Amazon Prime. Microsoft Office. Beer of the Month Clubs. Why not a subscription advent calendar that gets people shopping local? How does it work? GLAD YOU ASKED! But seriously, stop talking to your computer, everyone thinks you're weird for it. Here's how the subscription advent calendar works:

Let's say we're doing this at a bakery. You buy the subscription advent calendar and you get X amount of punches on it. Maybe it's 25 for the whole run up to Christmas. Maybe it's just like 10 so we can manage our expectations of going places during the holidays. You go to this bakery and they have X amount of specialty baked goods that only these advent calendar subscribers can order. Maybe it's a wild new cupcake, maybe it's an experimental cookie. Who knows?! But it's a specialty, exclusive item only for the subscribers to enjoy. If they go back for all the exclusive items, they get a free thing at the end of it.

Yeah, I get it, it's almost like a "Buy 9 sandwiches, get the 10th one free!" sub sandwich punch card thing. But all inventions are just better version of things that already exist. Movies are just one time only plays. TV is just tiny movies at your house. Cars are just horseless carriages. Birds are just updated dinosaurs.Subscription advent calendars are just submarine sandwich shop loyalty cards but with cupcakes or tacos or whatever.

This is the same concept. A fun way to get people shopping and thinking locally, providing them with something exclusive, and enjoying the holidays. And it could go for all kinds of stores, not just a bakery. A liquor store, for example. Try all these different types of liquors in those small mini airplane bottles, get a full size version of your choice at the end (maybe not free, maybe at a discount). A toy store can have tiny little knick-knacks throughout the run of it, then a free toy.

OR and here's where the tacos come into play WHAT ABOUT TACOS?! Different kinds of tacos, messing with recipes, seeing what kind of taco variations are out there. At the end... I don't know, a margarita?  More tacos? Who says no to more tacos?

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