Man, I wish I had toddlers again (wait...did I just say that?). Quincy's Bonkers just opened a new play area for toddlers and even I want to try it out.

"Toddler Town" is officially open and features a few rides and playthings for kids three and under. There's a  merry-go-round, a candy-themed carousal, and something that looks like a little hamster wheel which actually looks pretty cool. I love this idea and it's especially perfect for families who have older kids and toddlers. Now everyone in the family can enjoy a day out at Bonkers.

Bonkers posted a short video of the new addition which you can check out here...

There are also a few new rides for the big kids and brand new games to try out. I was there this past Sunday with the girls and everything new that Bonkers has added looks like so much fun. I know my girls had a blast.